The idea of Spektre began in Camden, London, in 2008. Niccolo’ Pocchini, founder and CEO of Spektre, decided to create his own brand after purchasing a vintage pair of sunglasses which had much success amongst his friends. He started with a small investment of a few thousand euros. He designed and presented the first collection in 2009.

Pocchini didn’t know how his brand would shortly become one of the most requested sunglasses brand in the niche fashion industry. Spektre Sunglasses is now known to have created an original and iconic style in the eyewear world.

Ying & Young. Posh and Streetstyle. Two souls that create paths of union and contrasts, new languages, new ideas and new scenarios, where there are no labels, but only mergers of styles and perceptions that create a new universe, the SPEKTRE world. Is the continuous contrast of these opposing but complementary attitudes that makes Spektre creations’ always in line with the zeitgeist, adapting dynamically to the wind of change and making every frame iconic and timeless.

Continuos research and the desire to push beyond its limits make Spektre an ever-evolving brand, sinking its roots in the more bourgeois Milan and finding lifeblood in extremely creative locations and the most eccentric melting-pot, just like West-End London Markets’ or Berlin new frontiers.